OneClick Orgs

One Click Orgs is a social enterprise based in London UK that provides a range of innovative platforms for democratic membership organisations.

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# One Click Co-op

In partnership with Co-operatives UK and NESTA the “One Click Co-op” was launched in June 2013. This is the world’s first fully-online co-operative and has been approved by UK regulators. The platform permits members to contribute agenda items, browse archived minutes and participate in votes electronically.

You can create a One Click Co-op here - [dfsa dafs]

# One Click Association

We’ve launched a platform enabling small UK-based community groups to form an Unincorporated Association, submit proposals and vote. It’s completely free.

You can create a One Click Association here - [fdsa sfda]

# One Click CLG

We’ve developed a platform that provides Companies Limited by Guarantee with electronic voting and membership management. Contact us if you’d like to know more.